Why do you do what you do?/ What’s your background? 

(How did you start making art?/Why do you make art?)

I initially decided to pursue art as a career because I wanted to follow a path that I felt was meaningful and fulfilling. I was a few years out of college and already knew I didn’t enjoy office jobs and didn’t want to waitress forever. Since drawing and painting had always come naturally to me since I was a kid, I decided to work on developing my style and see if I could make a living with art.

Now that it’s been ten years it is hard to imagine doing anything else besides art. It is intertwined with every aspect of my life. I find it satisfying to see the progression of my business as well as my artistic style that I have put so much into over the years.


How do you work?/ What inspires you?

I gather inspiration all day everyday from my environment and island lifestyle (such as swimming, surfing, observing flowers and plants). I am very inspired by nature and happy “Hawaii moments”. Later when I go back to work on a painting I use a combination of photo references and my imagination. I like to have some realistic elements (such as flowers, people, landmarks etc.) mixed with idealized imagery and fantasy.

To begin, I sketch the composition on a canvas with pencil- a fluid, connected composition is really important to me to create movement. Then I begin filling layer upon layer of watered down acrylic paint. At the end I use black paint pens for the fine lines. I need to be alone in my studio with my headphones on zoning out to do my best work 🙂


What does your work aim to say? What do you want to be known for?

I try to portray what it feels like to be in a moment of joy, wonder and happiness (usually one taking place in nature, and in Hawaii). I would like those who view my artwork to feel uplifted and inspired.

I would hope to be known for a fluid, unique style that is recognizable and creates a feeling of positivity in those that view it.


Thanks so much!




Colleen Wilcox Art